90 x 190 door with threshold opening Right and left

90 * 190 hinged cold air storage door with threshold;
                 Net transition area is 90 * 190 cm
                 Lock system that can be opened even if it’s locked from the outside
                 optionally the door thicknesses could be 80-100-120 cm

Other features;
The distinctive features of PKS doors from others;

  • The new technology of cold air storage door is made entirely of ral 9002 electrostatic oven with painted aluminum body.
  • The door structure is as thresholding can be used as a hinged left and right. Due to this feature, the cold air store projector can get stocks without separation of right or left. The status of the door to be opening to the right or left can be determined at the time of final assembly.
  • The door has a durable plastic battens at the corner and movable part of the door for the purpose of preventing heat transfer
  • The moving –wrist of the door has especially designed PVC- based double strand layer which increase the doors pressure by double compared with other model.
  • The door can be open 180 degree with hidden hinged
  • The door is completely embedded in the body and allows the expansion in the areas where the assembly is made. When looking at closed posture it has same surface with installed wall surface. Thus, together with visuality allows large areas to remain in the narrow corridors where they are assembled together.
  • In all our door models, has hidden accessory with decorative cover which prevents the formation of roving.   In case of a failure that may occur, the decorative cover can be replaced. The deformation of cable connection which occurred at the time of doors opening and closing has been avoided.