90 x 190 Door Without Sill (Threshold)

90 x 190 cold storage door has flexible joint and without threshold

     Total transition area is 90 x 190cm

     Even if it’s lock from outside it can be unlock from inside

     Depending on request the thickness of the door could be 80 – 100 – 120 cm

The uniqueness (speciality) of PKS doors from the other

     *It’s a new technology of cold air storage door which completely made of Ral 9002 electrostatic oven body painted aluminium.

     *It’s a door with bottom wicked and automatic guillotine wick system, due to especial design of PKS industry. The system allows when the door is open the door suppository to be embanked inside the door and when the door is closed the lower suppository is automatically opens and lower isolation is provided.

     *The door has a plastic battens at the corner and movable part () of the door for the purpose of preventing heat transfer.

     *The moving –wrist of the door has especially designed PVC- based double strand layer which increase the doors pressure compared with other model.

     *The door can be open 180 degree with hidden hinged

     *The door body is completely buried and installing parts are extendable, the surface of the wall at close position have the same surface during installation, this allows large space to remain in the narrow corridors during installation.