Electric B.E. PVC Air Curtains


Reduce hot-cold air losses. Energy saving increases economic efficiency. Protects workplace from birds, flies, bees and all flying pests and as well as the pollute air, gas, dust and so on.

Reduce your movements. Provides hygiene to the business. The setup is easy. The beam cuts out the harmful source beam at the welding compartments. Transmit light for a safer business environment. The machine cuts the noise. Requires minimal maintenance.

Usage Areas
• In or out of factory premises
• Personnel on entry and exit gates
• On the loading gates
• On kitchen doors
• On paint shop doors
• Welding is done in steam compartments
• In production areas
• on cold storage room entrance and conveyor belt systems in cold storage ( which is proper for Turkish food codex)
PVC strip door systems are fully compatible with the directives related to TURKISH food codex. It provides the ideal solutions for the food establishments which are made by the new Decree Law 560 on the production, consumption and inspection of foodstuffs and related legislation. PVC door systems are recommended for a healthy and clean environment, especially in food sector enterprises.