Monorail Doors


It is cold room and storage doors which are produced by completely metal - based and isolated PVC - composite hygienic materials by injecting 42 (± 2) kg / m3 of polyurethane into the interior and allow to pass the heavy volume meat and food products from the cold room doors with a rail system.
Door Wing Thickness: 42 (± 2) kg / m3 density polyurethane is injected between two sheets without any wooden material.



Door Thickness: 92 mm in normal cold storage and 120 mm in frozen storage.
Hanger Equipment: Carrier rails, wheels, holding arms and necessary accessories, composite material and stainless steel.
Surface Sadi: Both sides of standard manufacturing wing are PVC sheet. Depending on the requirement, it can be polyester painted sheet and CrNi. On the PVC surfaces the door color can be white, yellow, green, red and blue
Heat Bridge: In normal storage rooms there is a single row special rubber seal surrounding the door Frozen storage The room doors have very easily changing resistance when needed.
Door Case: Outer frame is specially insulated PVC, inner case is aluminum.
Security: The doors can be opened easily from the inside for security purpose and optionally an alarm-warning system can be added.
According to Application Requirements:
Resistance and double gasket are used according to application. The two sides of the door can be produced differently or in the same colors with different colors from polyester or PVC coated galvanized, chrome or galvanized steel plates only. It can be produced with a net clearance of (with one piece wing) 275x (h) 450cm or 450x (h) 275cm