Plywood Surface Polyurethane Floor Panel

Floor thermal insulation panel module have 42(±2) kg/m3 polyurethane concentration (density);


Our standard production of to surface is 10 mm thickness plywood, The locked panel is produce by galvanized bottom surface with concentration of 42(±2) polyurethane between the sheets, The panel have a capacity of caring 2000 kg/m2 area, however top surface of plywood could be non-slide CrNi or 200 micro PVC coated sheet depending on request, also CrNi could be used for bottom surface.

According application demand:

It could be produced with a thickness of 80 mm – 100 mm – 120 mm – 150 mm.

Also produced with standard of 15 cm width and 4 cm length.

The top surface of panel is plywood or closed chrome plywood, the bottom surface of the panel is also produced by chrome or closed galvanized sheet metal