Remote Monitoring And Control Systems


İpek industry has one of the few central control, remote monitoring and electronic intervention centers in Turkey in the cooling and heating sector. Silk industry monitoring center, technological and technological infrastructure, cooling solutions produced with expert engineering team and application fields, as well as electronic products and electromechanical systems using technology product (customer preference), cold room, cooling systems and all kinds of use of facilities, thermal and mechanical Preventive controls to reduce future service costs, technical adjustments based on specific internal and external conditions that save energy, preventive maintenance controls to prevent sudden stoppages, maintenance product of refrigeration equipment and outdoor environment Thermal conditions and maximum efficiency and minimum energy savings for the current settings.

PKS has been producing cold storage with innovative cold storage door since 2000, with the difficulty of manufacturing, mounting, and post-installation problem.

The problem which faces mostly in a field like installation, post-installation and end user problem is analyzed and produced solution using three-dimensional design. Our new technology of Field adapted cold air storage doors have been the first of its kind.

All of our models produced from 2014 to 2016 were designed in computerized fashion and brought to molds stage.